Evolution 1825 Purple Curler
Evolution 1825 Purple CurlerBEvolution 1825 Purple CurlerC

Evolution 18/25 Purple Curler

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Product Description

The BeBella Evolution tapered 18mm-25mm barrel Ceramic Curler is a professional styling tool that delivers red carpet large size curls in just minutes! These curls will last you for days without hair spray or any holding products. The Bebella curler curls your hair in half the time of traditional clip irons. The clip-free design allows you to easily create smooth and shiny curls without tugging, creaking or creasing the hair. The heat resistor is 100% ceramic, maximizing the penetration of negative ions while avoiding damage to the hair. Your complimentary heat resistant Glove will protect your fingertips from heat while you style.
The BeBella curler has a durable, lightweight construction and you only need to simply wrap the hair around the rod barrel for smooth, sultry curls.